Sunday, April 12, 2009


We are so blessed in our lives right now! Yes Michael did loose his job but It was a totally blessing, he has been able to explore other opportunities and seems happier.

Friday night was my Little Ashley's birthday. So Michael & I drove to the Oklahoma City to surprise her for dinner! She was very very surprised! It was nice to be with her! It has been hard on me since leaving Stillwater, I have had to realize that all of my close friends don't live within a 20 min drive from me. So getting to see Ashley and spend time with her is always great!

My Beautiful Little & I

Dinner at Primo's

Another blessing....Our house!! It is coming along very fast! Our builder said that since all the electrical was in they would put sheetrock up next! He also told us that if the inside was painted by the end of the month that we would be in our new house the end of May!!! Pray for paint by the end of the month!!

Before the Driveway

After Driveway, Electrical & bathtubs are in!

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  1. Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!

    What an amazing time in your life...newly married, your 1st home ~ cherish every minute!

    love u,