Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meet the Teacher

We went last Wednesday and met Harper's new teachers.  
She will be going to school MWF and is in the Older 2's class.  That's so weird that she is considered and "old 2".

Harper is not the only girl in her class this year!  She has 2 other girls in her class and 9 boys!
Luckily she has a few friends from her class last year in her class this year

She looks HUGE in this picture to me!  I can't believe she will be going to school 3 days a week!
 I some how missed a picture with her teachers but I will get one on Monday.  I am BEYOND excited about her teachers.  Miss Barb and Miss Leslie are wonderful and I can't wait to see all she learns this year.

Baby girl before I know it you'll be headed to Kindergarten.  Please slow down time, but I also like to see you explore and learn new things.  

Love you to heaven and back!

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