Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mini Minnow

Harper has been taking swim lessons since since March of 2012 and is loving every second of it!  She was in Diaper Dolphins for 8 weeks and has been in Flippers ever since.  

Diaper Dolphin's and Flippers are swim classes that parents swim with them to teach them the basic swimming techniques.  Harper has swam most of the time with me but a few times with Michael. 

 She was promoted in May to Minnows.  Which is where she swims with a teacher and 2-3 other children.  She has only done 2 classes and is still learning the rules and listening to her teacher.  She has a TON more freedom in Minnows than she had with mom and dad :)

 As you can see in all these pictures...she is having the best time!!!

I also have to say she has had 2 teachers (whom we request) :) and they are wonderful!!!  They have the same outgoing personality that I do and they may be loud as well :) but Harper responds well to that and listens!  Her teachers have been amazing and we are so blessed to have them!

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