Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sesame Street Live!

Harper and I had a mommy-daughter date night a few weekends ago to Sesame Street Live.  We went with Harper's "best friend ever" (so Ellarie says) Ellarie and her mommy.

The girls had the best time!!  Harper was most excited to see Abby Cadabby and Zoe, those are the 2 characters she talks about the most from Sesame Street.  She knows all the characters but loves them the most.

The just danced and danced and were mesmerized by everything.  Although we had our moments, but other kids were melting down way worse than the girls, so I didn't feel bad!

I was worried if Harper would be too young and not sit still but the first 10 mins she sat in my lap and just stared, she was in heaven.  We had our own row so the girls were free to move around and not bother anyone.  

"Yay Abby!  Yay Zoe!"

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