Monday, January 21, 2013

Lions, Tigers, Bears...OH MY!

Saturday was a beautiful day so we pack a lunch and headed to the Zoo, for a family Zoo day!
Apparently all of our city had the same idea, but luckily we got there about 11a and beat the crowd.  

All of the animals were out, they were all preforming, talking and showing off!  It couldn't of been a better day!  Harper would say "aninamial" when she would see something she wasn't sure what it was :-)

Of all the times I've been to the zoo I never knew they had this little penguin hidey hole, that was Harper-sized!  And there was a little penguin that was loving the one on one attention he was getting from the kids!

 We went in to the rain forest hoping to see the two new baby jaguars (but they were sleeping).  But the turtle was very interested in Harper, he is literally less than 12in from her hand!

The Rhino's were previously arguing before we walked up and this little guy (or girl, I didn't pay attention) had a boo-boo under his eye, by his horn.  It actually looked kinda bad. :-/

Why is it that kids want to play on the playground at the Zoo so bad?  We came to see "aninamials"!

The tiger was sleeping, so I was reading about the tiger cub the was born this last September, the tiger cub weighted more than Harpy girl when she was born (but not by much!)

Ending the day with a train ride!


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