Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh So Happy Day!

I have been teaching the kids on Sunday a new song for the month of April it goes like this:
Did you know?  Did you know?  Jesus is alive today!  He's alive today!  That's why we say its an Oh-So happy day!!  It's really a cute song and they make a big "O" with their arms above their heads (secretly i'm training them to do "O-S-U"!)

We had a VERY low key Easter.  My Sister caught the stomach bug from the kiddos she nanny's in Stillwater, so we talked to her through her bedroom door :/  I hate when she can't hold and play with Harper.  I know she wanted to but she didn't want to give her the sickies!

Easter Bunny made her appearance at our house on Sunday morning!

Lunch at my parents after church...WARNING: several pictures!

Harper's namesake...Grandma Janie

We hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

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