Thursday, October 21, 2010

We should take stock in Lowe's

Between Michael and his dad building the shed and my painting projects, we should have stock in Lowe's!!

Michael and his dad are hoping to finish the shed this weekend. They need to put the siding on and shingles on the roof, then its time to clean out the garage!! One thing Michael is so great at is making sure we can fit both cars in the garage, I mean what is a 2 car garage if you can't fit both cars in it?!

My wonderful, wonderful, wonderful friends Kara and Cara came over yesterday to help me paint the guest bedroom! We knocked it out in less than 3 hours!!

Before: I realized that I didn't have a picture of the room this is the best I can do! :/


I saw this pretty cross at Hobby Lobby that I will put in between the windows!

I plan on moving the paintings to above the bed and getting a shelf to go where the paintings are now!

Next Post...America's Greatest Homecoming!!!

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  1. The shed looks good, and I love the new room color!! My husband spends so much time at Lowes we DID buy stock!! :) it's not a bad idea...